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2 responses to “Virgin Mobile Offering $100 Credit to T-Mobile Customers to Port In, But Is It Worth It?”

  1. Jimbo

    Come on guys… you can do math better than this. I thought you could, at least…

    Go to a T-Mobile store or get a free prepaid SIM online. Activate it. $0.

    Go online and pay $50 to $100 for a Virgin 3G phone. Port in the T-Mobile line.

    You now get the full cost of the phone paid for, if not well into the black on the free service.

    Tethering? Use an app from the Play Store. The only people that T-Mobile makes more sense for, are people that want to BYOD or use a Nexus on cheap service.

  2. Matt

    Leaving Virgin for T-Mobile felt like the best move I ever made, until I leave T-Mobile’s 3G/4G coverage. T-Mobile has to do something about EDGE.