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5 responses to “Virgin Mobile Preparing New High-End Android Smart Device”

  1. Matt

    Whats the deal with Boost? They haven’t launched anything in a while and don’t have any Android on CDMA.

  2. rafa_10

    when would it come out?

  3. Sam

    I think i know which phone this is. Its going to be a phone from Huawei. They have a high end smart phone with the exact same specs as this article is stating. And you know for a prepaid phone it wont be a high end samsung or htc. But the phone does look nice if you look it up on youtube Huawei U9000.

  4. Nerdizen

    It was extremely difficult to get the Virgin Mobile Optimus V phone towards the end of February. I searched for about an hour online and finally found one about 160 miles away and drove to purchase it. Target and Radio Shack were sold out, but of all the Best Buy stores in the state of Florida, there was only one left and I purchased and picked it up. I have a ton of Apple products, but mostly use them on wi-fi, due to the high cost of data plans here in the U.S. I’m learning the Android platform and why not, since Google is my largest revenue stream.

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