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7 responses to “Virgin Mobile Rolling Out Samsung Intercept Froyo Update”

  1. James

    Still nothing

  2. Rodney

    Sounds good. The intercept was my first Smartphone and I would give it a solid “B”. It is a little slow at times but for $40 a month with NO contract, 1200 minutes, unlimited data and text I am satisfied.

  3. James

    Must be doing them one at a time because I still have nothing.

  4. Gibby

    They are releasing the update a few thousand customers at a time. They expect to have everyone update by the end of the month. The fixes are great, the new layout is nice, the phone runs faster and smoother, but it appears there is still no support for Flash due to the phone hardware itself. Overall nice imporvement though.

  5. genius

    If u download the sky fire web browser from the android market u can watch flash videos

  6. Rodney

    Thanks genius

  7. Rodney

    Downloaded 2.2 last night! It is pretty cool, seems to run faster. I didn’t receive a text, when I checked for updates under settings it was there. Does anyone know the best place to go for a tutorial? Thanks