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38 responses to “Virgin Mobile to Deliver Android 3G, Unlimited Everything for $25 with Google Voice, VoIP et al”

  1. John

    Awesome news, unlimited everything for 25 bucks? Can’t beat it, but Virgin Mobile’s blackberry also allows you to download google voice, so for 35 a month you could get a unlimited blackberry plan while using google voice.

  2. Yankees368

    Not only is there no Skype app for non verizon based android phones, but Google voice still uses voice minutes, and does not actually route calls vai VoIP 3G data. Only services like fring and qik use 3G data service, and I don’t think either of those allow outgoing calls via 3G.

    Maybe do some research next time. There is no real VoIP based calling right now. You should edit this article accordingly.

  3. parrott84

    Yeah, I was wondering about this too, how are you going to use Google Voice for all outgoing calls for free? At this point I don’t know that there is any option for this via wifi or data. Now, it would be great if there was, but in order for this to happen Sprint will have to allow this phone to do that specific function (I don’t think that’s going to happen) and the Google Voice app would have to have a major overhaul and be updated to allow for this, right now it just seems to use the voice network.

  4. Yankees368

    Chris, thanks for the fast response.
    A tease to this upcoming article would have been nice. However, if you are just talking about wifi, this really isn’t that big a deal. This will only be relevant if it can be routed over EVDO. Being tethered to wifi is just unappealing to me. At any rate, it’s nice to see a real phone on Virgin, even if it is the worst android phone sprint carries.

  5. yankees368

    Ah ha, that does make a difference. I will have to keep an eye on this. Too bad the Sprint evdo network here is so overloaded that it runs at sub 1x levels.

  6. xboxtuner

    This is just as revolutionary as Christopher says it is.

    You just use SIPDroid to some SIP service like Gizmo5 and then have Google Voice route all incoming and outgoing calls through Gizmo5.

    The only downside until now is that you had to pay for useless voice minutes. Now with Virgin Mobile getting Android, I’ll be getting unlimited everything over 3G, and paying less than Verizon for just the data pack!

  7. JJ

    I use google voice without using my minutes on the evo. I have the any 3 numbers addon on my account and I set up my googlevoice number as one of those numbers and it doesn’t count towards my minutes. That’s one way to do it.

  8. Flower Power

    re gizmo5 – gizmo5 has been acquired by google. New user signup has been suspended until they relaunch. Existing customers can continue to use gizmo5.

    What are other (gizmo5 like) sip services are out there ?

  9. Bill

    Doesn’t the Intercept have an EVDO-Rev0 radio, instead of a RevA? Is Rev0 still 3G?

  10. acdc1a

    “Doesn’t the Intercept have an EVDO-Rev0 radio, instead of a RevA? Is Rev0 still 3G?”

    CDMA 1xRTT is 3G if you want to get technical about it.

  11. randrums

    I would be willing to bet (like the Blackberry $10 monthly fee) there will be some sort of Android tax – maybe the same, maybe a little less. Count on it.

  12. Curtis Carmack

    This is good news as far as it goes. What I’m wondering is what Virgin will do about mobile hot spot use once Android 2.2 gets on this device? Are they going to disable it and allow us to get it back by rooting our devices? Or are they going to capitalize on the opportunity and allows us to use the functionality for an add-on price. I would be happy to pay $40/month for the base plan (unlimited web and messaging, 300 voice minutes, unlimited — or maybe even reasonably capped — hot spot usage).

  13. JJ

    3g includes all these: CDMA2000 1X, CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. 0, CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. A, and CDMA2000 EV-DO Rev. B. This phone is at least evdo rev 0. In reality rev0 and rev A aren’t that big of a difference. Haven’t heard too much on evdo revB though.
    If you really want the specs on this phone then just go to the sprint website. I think the virgin mobile version will be identical to the sprint version.

  14. NotoriousNick

    Free Google Voice VOIP Calls??? Waiting with bacon breath…

  15. ck

    I have Virgin Mobile currently, very happy with the service.

    I plan to get either the Blackberry or the Intercept when it is released. Any strong reasons
    to go one way or the other. Which is the better phone? I saw the Intercept at Best Buy and the
    demo model seemed a little flimsy…


  16. Christopher Price

    Randrums, the phone is already in most Target stores… there’s no Android tax to be seen.

  17. MC

    I purchased the Intercept last night. No limitations and Fring does work for the voip clinet using Google Voice. Just $25.00 a month and no contract. 🙂

  18. Virgin to offer Android on $25 plan | Prepaid Reviews

    […] an extra $10 for BlackBerry service, it seemed as though they might do the same for Android. But as notes, you’ll be able to get that unlimited service for the same $25 as you would any other […]

  19. mike wang

    Can’t wait to learn more about this deal/plan. Time to AXE verizon.

  20. Pete

    Can you please post the article on getting GV to go full VOIP? After reading the comments yesterday, I did some souring with no success. That’s one of the key features that needs to be added, and having a way to get it done now would be awesome! Thanks! -Pete

  21. Pete

    “Fring does work for the voip clinet using Google Voice.” How? Can you describe, or point to a location that does describe? And can you use your solution to get to landlines / cells? Thanks!

  22. Curtis Carmack

    Pete, here’s a short version of one of the many ways to do this for free. First, go to and create a “One” account to get a free inbound SIP number. Second, install SIPdroid or some other SIP client on the phone (purchased from the Android marketplace). Third, enter your sipgate SIP information (settings, available on the site) into SIPdroid. Third, open the Google Voice settings and add the sipgate inbound phone number to the list of phones that Google Voice can ring. Fourth, make sure that this number is selected to ring for Google Voice calls. Last, make sure to leave SIPdroid running in the background.

    There are many other ways to do this, but this should work for you.

  23. mike wang

    Curtis, is the one of the ways to make this deal work out as described (a $25/mo. AYCE cell phone)?

  24. Christopher Price

    Mike, yes it is… the data is included in the base $25 plan and all calls are then routed over VoIP. That’s really all there is to it people, but fear not for those naysayers still in doubt. We’ll be photoing the entire process (in a step-by-step how to) once we get our Intercept up and running.

  25. SC

    A friend of mine bought one from Target and let me play around with it. I had just purchased the LG Rumor Touch in August and have been a little annoyed with a few functions so I’m really considering the Intercept now as it seemed more user friendly for my purposes. Here are some comparisons: The Intercept did seem pretty lightweight, the Touch feels a bit more solid (albeit heavier). Camera zoom on the Intercept worked, Touch’s zoom is disabled (but works on camcorder). Intercept has a hang-up button, Touch makes you do 3 steps to hang up after any call that’s longer than what your backlight timer is set at (max of 1 minute). Intercept has capacitive touchscreen, Touch has resistive (nice if you want to use a stylus or your fingernails).

    These were the biggest issues I had with the Touch, not that they’re horrible. I mainly use mobile for calls with occasional texting and web surfing so overall the Intercept seems more to my liking. I only posted this comparison for those that don’t want/need the Blackberry, but want a VM phone. I’m going to wait a bit and see how my friend likes his phone first.

  26. PD

    OK. I just searched at Target and VM website. There is no mention of Intercept. When I google it, I only get Intercept for Sprint. Do you have a link or other information so I can figure out how to get this phone?

  27. Pete


    You wouldn’t think that I was particularly technical, given my questions, but I actually am. I cannot figure it out. Do you have a reference that I can get more detail from? I got the account, set up SIPDROID. Not clear what you mean by
    “add the sipgate inbound phone number to the list of phones that Google Voice can ring.”
    “Fourth, make sure that this number is selected to ring for Google Voice calls”

    If it helps, I do have a gizmo5 account, though from years ago. Haven’t used it in forever, but I can still log in. I cannot find a way to make that work either.

    Feeling a bit brain-dead,

  28. Curtis Carmack


    Sorry it’s taken awhile to respond. I’m actually using GV Mobile+ on an iPhone at the moment, so I don’t have the settings in front of me. But I’ll take a crack at clearing things up for you.

    When you log in to Google Voice on the web (from a PC/Mac/Linux box, etc.), you can go to settings (see link in upper right corner) and select the tab that allows you to add phone numbers for Google Voice to ring. You will need to enter the SIPgate number and confirm it. The easiest way to do that (you have to answer a call) is to download a free SIP client for your PC/Mac/other device and enter the username and server info that SIPgate provides, then go through the Google Voice verification process.

    Next you have to make sure the SIPgate number is selected as on of the numbers to which Google Voice will forward your call. This is also done on the same “phones” settings tab in Google Voice on the web.

    When all this is done, you will have to go to settings in the Android Google Voice application to make sure that for outgoing calls it will use your SIPgate number.

    There’s a slightly different method descibed here:

    Good luck!


  29. VG

    I would really like to get an Intercept with Android 2.2 on it. Should I just wait, or can I get the device now, and depend on VM flashing the new OS at some point, later on?

  30. Curtis Carmack


    The reason some of us are so interested in Froyo is the standard hotspot functionality. I am anxious to see how Virgin Mobile deals with this; e.g., will they keep it in the firmware and charge for it? Will they eliminate it from their version of the firmware? It’s a key potential differentiator.


  31. VG

    I had heard that Android 2.2 is significantly faster than 2.1. Is that not the case?

  32. Diane

    I would like to use the Virgin Mobile/Android phone with Google Voice in the Bahamas to make free calls back to US friends/relatives. Can I set up the phone to do this? Would free calls only work in wifi hotspots in the Bahamas? Or would the calls go through the Bahamas Telephone Company (BTC)?



  33. christian

    Hi guys, ok so i have a few questions about the intercept and whether it is of use to me in my situation.

    im thinking of getting the $25 a month plan on VM. My situation is that i have family in the UK who will be calling me on this phone. Obviously VM will charge me whatever rate the international call rate is to recieve these calls taking my $25 a month to even more. So is there a way to recieve these calls for free? Google voice is not available in the UK so a GV-GV call is not possible. However im thinking if i set up my GV and give my family the GV number, they call that number, GV calls my phone and therefore starts deducting my 300 inclusive minutes, overall no extra charge to me. Is this correct?

    also for this to be useful i would have to keep GV running in the background 24/7 so i dont miss a call. is this possible or is it a massive battery drain?

  34. lynnelle green

    how much does this phone cost