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8 responses to “Virgin Mobile To Enact Stricter Network Management Beginning Next Month (Updated)”

  1. Steve

    This isn’t fair. Why even offer smartphones if you cant even use 5 gigs?? They should let the people who use alot of data have higher speed and lower it for the ones who dont cuz obviously they dont need it.

    1. bigloser99

      I hope you never start a business. You do realize that this is a business for Sprint.

  2. Jeff

    This seems just shy of bait-and-switch. Because the user puts most of the money upfront with their purchase of a smartphone, they are “stuck” on Virgin even as they monkey around with the plans. Since there is no contract, there is nothing holding Virgin back. AT&T did the same thing when the iPad went from “unlimited” to limited.

  3. louann

    You know that’s really ( F-up ) for those people at are paying for their service, witch the plan includes unlimited data, so what if those people are not using the internet as much as others it not are fault. in my opinion I say we leave virgin mobile customers that are pay for their full access to the internet alone and start looking that the ones how hardly us the internet and make changes to their plans or to inter usage instead of messing with the ones how pay full price and us the full access to the internet. thank you maybe you will look at it differently now I hope virgin moble nows they are going to get a lot of complaints about this change in mobile planes

  4. Sam

    What? Virgin Mobile already has a limit of 2.5 GB of 3G/4G data. So, what do they mean by throttling the top 5% of heavy data users? Aren’t they already throttling a customer once they reach the 2.5GB data limit? So now what..they will effectively start throttling before a customer even reaches the 2.5 GB? A clear breach of contract but unfortunately not much to collect since this is a prepaid service so at most maybe a month or two in damages to collect. Well, the free market will speak and they will simply lose customers. Completely illogical…if I am missing something…explain it….

  5. Christopher Price

    Being throttled to 128kbps on T-Mobile (with their “free international data” when I tried it in Europe was insanely slow. I cancelled T-Mobile as soon as I got back stateside.

    It will really depend on how much latency Virgin Mobile adds. I suspect T-Mobile proxied their free intl data back to the states.

    If there’s low pings, you probably can get by loading web pages with 128k, and CoPilot can get you through that unless you cache up with Wi-Fi on Google Maps before embarking.

    T-Mobile’s 5 GB / $30 online-only plan is a good backstop for when you run out of Virgin data. Requires a second smartphone (of course), but you only have to refill once every 90 days to retain the plan once activated.

  6. Frank K. Leavitt

    Thank you virginmobile for affordable and exceptional service all these years.( I guess Sprint also should be included).
    I use a higher end of data due to not understanding a lot of terminology/functionality of systems etc. So searching for information/reviews pertaining to info.causes excess usage.
    I apologize for this,for I do have better things to do with my time.If I’m going to be penalized for trying to improve my capabilities with a system that in and of itself has so many flaws,I will switch to someone who is capable of doing so.
    I have ALWAYS told others how exceptional service and affordable you have been.But maybe that’s something of the past.I’ll miss you,but someone else might prefer a new longterm customer. VIA.CON DIOS!

  7. Nydia I Crespo

    Funny, I paid for the full service, just in case I need to use it. Mostly I just make and received calls. For what it worth, I have two tablets from different providers and my laptop. So that I don’t need or use what I paying for.
    Also received the “friendly” message. I don’t need to start a “business” fool people neither interested. So from now on I’ll pay for what I need and use with you people. I’m just one and encourage other clients to do the same. I have a list of 20 friends that are doing the same and counting….