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6 responses to “Virgin Mobile to Implement Soft Cap on Broadband2Go by February 15th (Updated)”

  1. Chuck

    Also worth noting that Sprint Retail Stores have stopped selling Virgin Mobile’s BB2GO altogether as well. There was even instructions to send the remaining inventory back instead of selling through it which is somewhat unusual.

  2. Ace Baloney

    Too bad Virgin… I just bought the Broadband2go modem 2 months ago…. because of the unlimited access to the web.. now it is restricted to 5 gig…. which, with todays webpages full of animated ads…. goes by in no time.. then you are restricted to the most basic of webpages…. So you can guess I am disgruntled with your company Virgin… your hardware becomes another piece of useless junk along with other companies hardware that choose not to update drivers for Windows 7. I have a NO SHOP list… and you have just been added Virgin

  3. Christopher Price

    It makes sense that Sprint Retail channels would stop selling it. Many Best Buy stores do not sell the Virgin Mobile Intercept because they are afraid it will cannibalize contract sales.

    Sprint Retail Stores are probably hitting the same issue. Even with a 5 GB soft cap, and throttling thereafter, it is still cheaper than the on-contract service, especially in pre-4G markets where EVDO is all that is available.

  4. Steven Goldfein

    Wow, I would be extremely upset if I spent the money for the device and they so suddenly changed the price or introduced caps.

  5. Greg

    This is extremely distressing, 5gigs is nothing in modern times. For my job alone, I use roughly 14 gigs a week.
    Less than a month ago I switched to Virgin specifically for their unlimited plan. Loved the service, and then get slammed with the cap email.

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