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11 responses to “Wal-Mart Family Mobile Experiencing Data Access Issues One Week In”

  1. bob

    I am still waiting for my walmart family mobile phone to work at all, its been about 4 days now. I have talked to a number of customer service reps who all keep telling me my phone should be active and working, they can even see my phone(blackberry) on the network, but I can not make or receive calls or messages. They keep saying they will reset some setting in the network and my phone should be on with in a few hours. But another day has passed and still no service when I got up today.

    One other problem, each time I am transferred, the operator or service rep people get quieter and after 2 or 3 transfers we can hardly talk/hear each other. This happens on land lines from both my home and work.

  2. Bob

    A follow up, I finally did get basic phone service today, but the web, apps & picture messaging does not work unless I am at work on my wifi connection, that does me little good since I have my computer here anyway. Hopefully it comes around

  3. luis

    will the blackberry email and messenger work on this plan?

  4. Scott

    The toughest part is any gsm can work if you get it set up right, but it is really hard for them to troubleshoot every phone. I have a htc hacked to run android and the customer service rep stayed on the phone 30 minutes until it worked. Hands down the best telephone customer service out there. They speak english and are us based. I called today and got disconnected (my fault) before I was connected to a rep and they called me back. I love these guys. If you want a painless experience buy their phone, but if you have a phone, they will help you.

  5. Sly Ferret

    I bought the cliq xt from walmarts family mobile and had issues creating the motoblur account. It kept saying error the request timed out and bla bla bla and it was frustrating. I didnt get any help from motorola or family mobile about the problem and i was forced to return the phone after a few days..I was wondering if any of those issues have been worked out because I really want that phone. It was 2 weeks ago so Im thinkn hopefully they fixed it…Any 1 got any info?

  6. david

    im trying to get my iphone with the new walmart family plan i think i unlocked it but its saying that my imei number is invalid need help thanks

  7. Deseda

    how can I pay my bill if I cannot access the site?????????????????

  8. Rex

    Ya! I signed up for myfamilymobile, got voice and text working, but I couldn’t get the APN configured correctly for the web pak so no internet service – this is because no one at MFM customer service knows the exact settings for the APN, and they don’t really care to know either. (Oh, I totally agree with them talking quieter each time I called back! I finally had to tell the girl to speak up! “I can’t hear you!”) This is another example of US corporations trying to save a penny and losing millions! All it would take to solve this problem is a little time with a network engineer, but hey, I guess it’s easier to market and sell a product that doesn’t work, than it is to actually fix the problem. The members of the board are either really stupid and/or have really low personal standards and no personal pride in the quality of their products. Hey let’s call a spade a spade – they’re con artists plain and simple!

  9. David

    Got the web working using these settings:

    I tried their MMS settings but it did not work on my iphone 4 so I found these settings:

    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    Reboot again and MMS should be working on your iPhone. YMMMV.

  10. joan

    Having issues with being able to recieve texts from companies such as Jcpenny , redbox ect with my coupon codes. i tried to even reply to ones i had gotten in the past before i came from AT&T and i get a message saying ” Sorry , this service is not available for your service plan.” funny I have the unlimited talk text & web plus set up the extras pack JIC. Hate to say this but a text is a text no matter who it was sent from

  11. brittany

    I have no service for about four days now. I cant text, call or get on the internet. I called customer service and asked why i had no service and all they told me was to WRITE to the T-Mobile corporation? ?? It doesn’t really matter to me because im getting a new phone next week but i still want to know why i dont have service