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4 responses to “Walmart Carves a Prepaid Broadband Niche with New 4 GB Data Plan”

  1. Anonymous

    Editorial corrections:

    Internet on the Go is a TruConnect service, not a Walmart service.
    Internet on the Go has never had a $119/month plan.

  2. Anonymous

    To clarify, Internet on the Go is sold at Walmart stores and but it is now Walmart’s own service. Instead, Walmart is the exclusive seller of TruConnect’s Internet on the Go service.

  3. Tom S

    Sounds like Anon either made a typo in that last reply, or they need to “clarify” themselves once again.

    Either Internet to Go is “now Walmart’s own service” or it isn’t. Seems to contradict itself… ironic for someone demanding “editorial corrections.”

  4. Anonymous

    Internet on the Go is sold at and select Walmart stores but the service is administered by TruConnect using Sprint’s data network. Therefore, Internet on the Go is NOT Walmart’s own service. Sorry for the typo on the previous post.