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21 responses to “Want to test our iPhone app?”

  1. Rick Cherry

    I would love test the app for you. I have an iPhone 3G and and an iPod Touch 2G

  2. Dan Havens

    I have been a follower of your blog since the sprint days
    I would love to test your app

    Dan havens

  3. Daniel H.

    I’m definitely down for this.

  4. Mustang46L

    I’m in.

  5. RAY


  6. Nathanael

    I want to be part of the beta program

  7. D B

    count me in… 🙂

  8. Kevin

    Sounds cool, sign me up.

  9. Adam

    count me in…iphone 3g

  10. Clem Zabalza

    Count me in as well

  11. Daniel Jack

    i want in

  12. Tim

    Im in too

  13. Steve Navarro

    I wanna be a TESTER….

  14. Austin Brown

    I’d love to test this out. I’m here all the time, and now it can be on my iPhone!

  15. Gilbert

    I’ll try it, too

  16. Josh Goldberg

    I am down for some testing..

  17. Jesse Ryan Barrick

    100 limit must be for ad-hoc apps. Count me in.


  18. Ed Hewett

    Would like to test app for you.

  19. Trevor

    i would like to test the app

  20. Terry

    I can do some testing.

  21. Joel

    I would like to test it for you. Thanks, Joel