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14 responses to “Want Us to Twitter? Sound Off This Weekend!”

  1. John

    yes please make a twitter! your tweets would keep me upto date!

  2. Bobby

    YES–please post updates on TWITTER. It would make our lives easier. Thanks

  3. dxze

    sure … Twitter, I’m not in it but for you I would sign up

  4. joe

    why not?

  5. E

    Twitter???? I guess people with no lives of their actually enjoy that. How sad. Guys get a girlfriend and leave Twitter alone.

  6. protocol

    @ E
    Haha, that was pretty strong but I pretty much agree with you. I wouldn’t go as far to say that people with no lives, but I do think twitter is kind of extreme. lol
    I love as it is now, TWITTER FREE!

    No twitter!

  7. Mike Perez

    I would sign up.

  8. Sonic Fan

    You guys should go for it!

    As for what to post on it, maybe one thing the staff could link to is some interesting new apps/games/music/videos they like, that we can view or download on our mobile devices?

  9. David

    make it happen

  10. Matt

    That would probably be a pretty good idea, I am new to twitter, but have been an avid reader for about 4 years now… i could get some nice quick updates that way

  11. qwerty

    You might set it to tweet about new articles with the title and short description. That’s all I can see it being useful for, an abbreviated RSS feed, more or less.

  12. Eric

    Nope, not all use twitter and isn’t just as easy to send an email without the twitter limitations?

  13. Joe

    only 12 comments?? Not good…