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16 responses to “We exposed it, you did it: Verizon Removes iPhone Block on MVNO Providers”

  1. tmason

    The cat dealer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They said iphone ok to use. I order one and now no good?
    cat dealer sucks!

  2. katty

    The cat dealer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They said iphone ok to use. I order one and now no good?
    cat dealer sucks!

  3. carpediemnow

    So official word from pageplus is that the iPhone is still banned.
    Whatever dealer started sending out their own press releases saying otherwise is clearly not in any position to know any insider information and should have their status revoked for being a dunce.

  4. micallen

    i got the notice from that feline dealer also and it is wrong. what a joke. i agree that dealer should be gone! i was a big fan but no more.

  5. dollymadison

    i agree with micallen. i vote for that dealer to be canned. i was fooled for too long by her!

  6. OD2274

    hi guys, i am leaving that dealer too! it is always promises and never nothing. always teasing with what is going to be coming. like she is really getting inside infromation. she is a joke. do not use this dealer she is bad. scamming

  7. Bob24260

    I just rolled over!

  8. Christopher Price

    Hi folks, we’re looking into this. We’ll follow up when we get this all sorted out.

  9. Verizon Adds Catch to iPhone on MVNOs |

    […] an additional step needed to activate an iPhone on Page Plus Cellular.As we reported in our last article, yesterday, Verizon has not commented at all on the iPhone blockade situation, and has not offered any […]

  10. Christopher Price

    Hi folks, as the update and above trackbacks point to… we have re-confirmed that you can activate an iPhone on MVNOs now. For some reason, we still are not sure why, Verizon is demanding that iPhones be activated first on a Verizon postpay account, before being activated on a Verizon MVNO.

  11. joeblow

    You have always been able to activate an iphone on pageplus under the radar. Nothing new here. Did some one at pageplus tell you that it is now an approved device? It has been confirmed by a pageplus suit over on howard forums, just this afternoon, that they still are NOT approved. Who did you confirm this with? At this point you are no more reliable than the dumbass dealer who sent out the mass email reporting this as official.

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    […] site, you may want to subscribe to the the feed.…with a potentially expensive catch. Yesterday reported that indeed you could activate a Verizon Wireless iPhone on Page Plus. This is nice, since the […]

  13. Devon

    I have been using my iphone 4 on pageplus for 4 months now. No problems what so ever…Beigephone is the only dealer i know that has been successfully activating iphone 4 and HTC Thunderbolt on page.

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    […] on Page Plus Cellular and other Verizon MVNOs, contradicting commitments made to the FCC. While briefly allowing such activations, the situation was quickly reversed, and iPhone is still blocked. Verizon Wireless […]

  15. gustave

    I did activated my iphone 4s on page plus four months ago and everything is working fine ,i donot have any problem and i travel all over the country and everything things is working fine .