Weekend Giveaway: Samsung Instinct HD HDMI Cables (Sponsored by Best Buy)

If you bought an Instinct HD, you may have thought playing back HD videos on your HDTV would be easy. We hear you. $30 for a specialized HDMI cable isn’t fun in this economy.

So, the folks at Best Buy gave us two Instinct HD for next to nothing, and we’re passing them on to give to you.

The Instinct HD was the first phone in America capable of both HDMI and 720p video output. And, it’s still for sale. If you have a videophile that was totally enraged about KIN lacking HD output… this is the phone for you. And, if you accidentally were given this phone as a birthday gift, and are now trapped in a two year contract, this too is the giveaway for you.

To enter to win one of these, all you have to do is post a comment, before 11:59:59 PM PST on Sunday. A few rules:

1) Contest open to adults (18 years or older) in the United States. Sorry, the lawyers made us add this one. Yes, we think it’s lame too.
2) You must own an Instinct HD. We’ll ask for your serial number to verify.
3) We’ll email the winner using the email address you enter in the comment form. You must respond within 72 hours or we’ll move on to the next random drawing.
4) We’ll be shipping these via snail mail. You may not get all the pretty packaging, we’re cheapskates when it comes to shipping.

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11 responses to “Weekend Giveaway: Samsung Instinct HD HDMI Cables (Sponsored by Best Buy)”

  1. daniel

    I have a DroidX with HDMI port. Not the same cable?

  2. Ray Carroll

    I love my Samsung Instinct HD. Even though it isn’t a smart phone, all the multimedia features and 720p video recording does it for me.

  3. Don Louie

    I’m looking at getting one of these for my HD and free is the right price

  4. Ray Carroll

    Looks like Don Louie and I each won a Samsung Instinct HD/M850 microSD to HDMI Cable seeing how we were the only two people to post to the thread. Yeah!

  5. Christopher Price

    Looks that way. Emails should be going out tonight/tomorrow… and no, we didn’t expect many people to enter this giveaway.


  6. Don Louie

    Me of the thinking there would only be one winner, good job. I had myself at a 50% chance,

  7. Ray Carroll

    Chris, I just check my email and didn’t see an email from you yet. I double checked my spam folder just to be sure gmail didn’t send your e mail to it. As soon as I receive it, I’ll shoot over the DEC/HEX ESN of my Samsung Instinct HD/M850.

  8. Don Louie

    I still haven’t gotten an email. Ray, have you gotten it?

  9. Don Louie

    Was there an actual winner? Chris sort of gives the impression we both would be getting an email.