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14 responses to “What do you want from CTIA Coverage?”

  1. randomperson

    This is something I’ve wanted to ask phone manufacturers for a long time:
    Instead of releasing lower quality new models, why not just reduce the cost of a higher quality, former high/mid-range phone that now has features considered low end?

    Honestly, I don’t see much point in R&Ding new low end phones, especially when the results are so often much worse than prior existing phones. It would be better to keep producing the older model and sell it at a lower price than to release a lower production quality new model.

  2. brandon smith

    It is not up to the manufacturer to set pricing and selection details. That is solely up to the carrier that launched the phone. However you do bring up a good point.

  3. txgadgetdude

    I am most interested in the QChat and WiMAX devices that may or may not be on display. I’d also like to know if Boost is going to offer CDMA devices.

  4. tazzman2002

    I would like to know about all the new phones that will be there. Really like to see if any info on the new Samsung SPH-M800 for sprint.

  5. Kenneth Daniels

    I would like to know about the Samsung M800 also. And what’s the next hype form factor of phone. What’s beyond the touch interface style of phone.

  6. Toast

    I would like to know why Sprint disables MMS on their PDA/Smartphone line up and when they are going to stop doing it.

  7. Brandon

    Fing out more information about XOHM (WiMax from Sprint)

  8. Gary

    I think it would be interesting to hear about the advancement/progresss/reality of the nano technology.

    Also perhaps how the heavy hitters of the smart phones (RIM-Palm-Etc) plan to out do the other & what the newer players are planning to catch up. Love technology. 🙂

  9. Buddy

    I’ve heard that Boost Mobile is going to offer several new CDMA handsets in April. Can you confirm that?

  10. eric thompson

    what is new for baby boomers? don’t like phones with buttons on the side as I inadvertently activate something and for the little amount of texting I do the keys are too small


  11. Mr PreMerger

    I heard a rumor that Sanyo is going to come out with a dual slider kind of like the helio ocean.The name Sanyo Elite was tossed around. any info on that or any other non-smartphone with EVDO and a full qwerty for Sprint would be awesome. Thanks.

  12. Chris R.

    I would also like to know more about the Samsung M800 for Sprint. Any specifics or details about the phone.