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32 responses to “What’s the Holdup with Froyo Updates? We’ll explain…”

  1. TheTick

    Any truth to the rumor that the Intercept 2.2.1 update drops tomorrow? There was that little website slip the other day that showed the Intercept with 2.2…

  2. JJ

    Thank you so much for the update. This is the most reasonable and logical explanation I have heard. Sprint has not done a good job of educating customers, as I am sure most Epic owners would have a little patience to ensure they are getting a “safe” update – myself included. The problem is…. in the absence of facts, people tend to speculate. Sprint’s lack of communication concerning this matter – and previous updates on other devices like the Touch Pro 2 – may negatively impact their customer loyalty. Moral of the story… An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  3. DP

    Why would it only affect Sprint’s customer loyalty, JJ? NONE of the carriers have uttered a peep as to why their Galaxy S phones haven’t been updated to Froyo yet, Verizon Fascinate, T-mobile Vibrant and at&t Captivate. There’s no reason to single Sprint out here.

  4. Floodgater

    Samsung has really gotten a bad rap on this. I feel a LOT better with my choice of the Epic 4G now.


  5. devin

    So the EVO is considered a higher priority device than the Epic 4G (sprints 2nd 4G device ever)? Not to mention the MASS amount of Samsung Galaxy S devices that were sold and done so in a short time length!

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  7. Jesse

    Samsung is getting a bad rap on this because of their lack of information and communication. I have a captivate and have been promised 2.2 for months now, and they haven’t given any info as to why it is not being released. It definitely is a minor thing but it is something that we are all looking forward to which makes it irritating.

  8. Xerexis

    Polish a Turd it is Still a Turd. You all must think that Galaxy S Users are all mushrooms, however we do not enjoy being kept in the dark and fed full of crap. Samsung and the carriers should have better communication and better follow through. I’m not holding my breath for any kind of release and excuses do not matter to me. Do what you need to do and release a stable operating system (God knows you have had enough time to perfect it).

  9. siege24

    That’s all fine and completely understandable. I love my Epic, and so far haven’t had any major issues. My main complaint is, I bought the dock for it, and the speak out doesn’t work on it until 2.2 comes out. Sprint or Samsung should be buying these things back or at least come out with a patch that fixes this!

  10. David

    Froyo and gingerbread are out yet those of us on galaxy S and other devices are still running eclair. We are 2 full versions behind and most phones are only 6 months old or less.

  11. Mike


    I can think of 10 reason to single Sprint out here…

    They charge you a premium fee of $10 a month for a more enhanced user experience (or whatever the hell they call it this month), which they fail to provide with STALE Eclair Android 2.1. None of the other carriers do this, regardless of what their other monthly rates are.

    For the $10 a month extra, we should have gotten 2.2 and FLASH “soon” after release, my definition of soon is a month, two at the latest–not the 5+ months that have come and gone.

    They could have pushed out 2.2 just like the did for the EVO quickly and provided other updates as they became available. For a flagship phone with premium MANDATORY charges, WTH are we paying for??

  12. Karl

    Only problem with this explanation is that the rageagainstthecage exploit still works in 2.2.1..SQS devices still root with it when the apply a leaked rom(At least in the case of the Epic)…

    So your theory is shot to hell.

  13. Dan

    My new Galaxy S Vibrant went back Tuesday because of a power problem (screen goes black then i have to remove battery to get it to start again). They replaced it and this new one has Froyo!! Nice. The tech says that Froyo will run Skype. Not sure what else it will do. I’m with Baka (bell).

  14. Ken

    I tried the leaked build of froyo and it is buggy as all hell. GPS won’t work, 4G mode won’t work, android market will not install apps, etc. Removing it took a full whipe of the phone to go back to 2.1. Btw 2.2.1 was just as easy to root as 2.1 and I will continue to root my phone because I don’t think we should be paying an extra $30 a month on top of the unlimited data+ the extra 10 for premium data package (4G) to use an option the phone comes with already (wifi hotspot). Root the phone and you can tether wired or wireless for free. Not to mention other benefits like backing up the phone, blocking ads, etc.

  15. JJ


    I’m sure you are absolutely correct about other carriers not communicating with their customers. Unfortunately, I can only hold Sprint accountable, as I do business with them and not with Samsung or the other carriers. As such, I do not track their customer feedback and only follow up on the current Froyo release forums for the EPIC – These customers are frustrated. EPIC users cannot fully utilize their phone’s potential on 2.1. Fortunately, I am not having any serious problems with my phone – and love it!!! – but would enjoy advantages afforded by the 2.2.x build.

    To answer your question directly though, I have experienced the same “tough luck” treatment when waiting for WM 6.5 on the HTC Touch Pro 2. For me, it’s not the fact the update has not been issued. It’s not having any communication from Sprint other than… “The Near Future”. LOL.. Wish I could pay my bill that way… Not really!

    No expanded communication is frustrating and when customers get frustrated, other options become more attractive.

  16. Dan

    Crap, GPS won’t work on my Vibrant. Guess I”m going to have to roll back to 2.1 too. Damn.

  17. fjitb

    Just buy an EVO and stop whining

  18. DP

    @ Mike For one, it hasn’t been “5+ months” as the Epic was officially released on the very last day of August. That’d put us about 3+ months for those keeping score. Additionally, I suppose that’s why they call the $10 fee a Premium Data Charge and not a $10 Get-An-Updated-Version-of-Android-ASAP charge. I truly don’t understand the whining about the $10. If you have an Epic then you got it knowing full well that the fee would apply and chose to purchase it anyway. If it was that big a deal to you, why didn’t you get something like an Optimus S (which does have Froyo btw)? $10 fee or not, none of the carriers have released Froyo for their Galaxy S phones yet and a couple of the other carriers are still more expensive than Sprint even with the $10 fee. So what really is the point, you only want the Froyo update because of the $10 fee otherwise you wouldn’t care one way or the other? This is obviously bigger than Sprint. Look at the problems that Ken described with the leaked Froyo on the Epic. Now if Sprint just pushed something like that out just to appease folks like yourself, I’d bet that you’d be pissing and moaning, “Why did Sprint take the time to test this before they sent it to us?” Truly a damned if you do, damned if you don’t predicament.

    @ JJ I would obviously enjoy the features enabled by the Froyo (and Gingerbread) builds just as you would. However, it won’t be out until the carriers release it to us. No amount of complaining around these parts is going to change that. You say you don’t have any serious problems with the phone and that you love it, so why not just continue to enjoy it as it is until Froyo gets here? Or put another way, what specifically in Froyo are you truly pining for?

    @ fjitb That about sums it up imo.

  19. Mike


    By using your math it’s 4 months then not 3, December is pretty much over and I have no faith in Sprint that we’ll see this before January with the holidays and such at the earliest (which is where my 5 month prediction comes in at), AND your still billed a month in advance. As I said before whatever name they choice to call “Premium Data” it’s still lacking FLASH data packets since it’s not supported, so stop acting like we’re getting something better then the other carriers because we’re not, BUT we’re paying extra for it. It’s not for the speed, it’s for “shrimp and crap”, as the recorded audio says on I’d be “whining” less if Sprint gave us what we’re supposed to be paying for. If Sprint sold 100,000 epics which is a LOW estimate BTW, and each of us paid the $10 inconvenience fee for the 4 months, that’s 4 million EXTRA dollars Sprint has gotten for the EPIC, some of that money should have gone to expedited research and development for making the Premium Data, MORE premium by including the 2.2 rollout so that more data services are made available like the description of the fee says.

    I do understand that it’s not COMPLETELY Sprints fault, but since Sprint chose to go back to the drawing board and at the very least not release the best version of 2.2 in the interim, like HTC did, I’m not very happy about this whole situation. How many EVO customers are complaining right now, while they’re waiting for 2.2.1?? Hint…They’re not, because they can do already what WE can’t without hacking first…

  20. JJ

    DP & fjitb,

    Please review my posts as I am not “complaining” about not having the update but communication on its arrival. I love my phone but I would also “love” to have the option of installing applications on my SD card, access to ALL Marketplace Apps (which some require 2.2), Flash 10.1 (to surf and enjoy ANY of my sites), faster browsing and a host of other improvements touted by the developers.

    As for purchasing the EVO…. I replaced my wife’s phone before purchasing mine… Guess what!!! She has an EVO. When I purchased my phone on 8/31/10, I was informed – by Sprint – that Froyo was coming in October. OK, now we are in December and nothing. And No… I do not appreciate being told one thing and not having an explanation – before a 3rd party provides clarity – when plans change. Sprint could have provided something more meaningful to its customers.

  21. DP

    @ Mike It’s not ‘my’ math. It’s just the math. I said 3+, not 3. September=1, October=2, November=3, since December is not over that’s where the + comes in. BTW, you didn’t make a prediction of 5+ months which would be in reference to a future event that has yet to occur, you stated that the 5+ months had “have come and gone”. Moving on to more important matters, do you have ANY links from Sprint that state that they’re charging the $10 Premium Data Fee for Flash? If not, how can you logically try to state that since you don’t have Flash you’re not getting what you’re paying for. It didn’t have Flash when you bought it and yet you apparently went ahead with the purchase anyway. Who’s really to blame for that…? The problem is that you’re using YOUR definition of what you think the Premium Data Fee should mean instead of what Sprint has stated in order to rationalize your complaints. Not to mention that you’re trying to link separate issues like an Android update to the Premium Data Fee. Then you’re talking about being billed a month in advance. Huh? With all due respect, you’re all over the place. It’s also interesting that you gave HTC (the manufacturer) credit for the Evo being updated to Froyo. However, you’re placing the blame on Sprint (the carrier) for the Epic not having the Froyo update yet. Don’t you see how inconsistent you’re being there? As far as Sprint choosing to go back to the drawing board, did you actually read Christopher’s piece? “When a security exploit becomes so gaping that Google accidentally approves the exploit to land on the Android Market, the carriers have NO CHOICE but to reject the update in testing.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand your frustration and actually do share it, as we should have Froyo, we should have Gingerbread. However, I just think that the frustration is somewhat misplaced. But as a consumer that’s spent your money, you’re free to direct your rage at whatever party you wish….

    @ JJ When did Sprint issue a press release stating that the Epic would receive Froyo in October? Those are nice features that you’ve listed I was just curious as to what people’s priorities are with respect to this release. Just so I am understanding clearly, whenever a large corporation has an unexpected change of plans you want them to personally email you or call you or text you? What if they don’t know? What if they haven’t communicated a release date to you because there isn’t a release date to communicate at this point? At any rate, as I stated earlier this is bigger than just Sprint. Here’s a post from Samsung as they’re still very much involved in the process:
    If it was simply upon Sprint (and the other carriers) they could have just washed their hands of it and said’ “Hey, we’ve done our part and pushed it to the carriers, it’s all up to them now.” That isn’t the case though.

  22. Mark

    The question is: Will the new update for Epic allow the user to be able to receive emails from a Microsoft Exchange Server? Does anyone know the answer to this question? Otherwise, how can the Epic be sold to businesses?

  23. kris

    All us Intercept owner have 2.2 now!!! Love it!!!! 🙂

  24. tyler

    10 dollar fee = 4G network for the same data for tmobile it’s 30 bucks a month and it’s 25 for 3g on at&t…priced like that because the basic data is infused in the plan sprint has

  25. julia

    Hopefully the VM intercept gets the upgrade soon as well 🙁

  26. Kyle

    Samsung has 2.2.1 ready for all of their current phones. Its not that hard and is a fairly quick process. The problem now is carriers that try to add their bloatware and can’t seem to get a stable OS then. The carriers are to blame.

  27. DP

    All of the carriers? Nah, that’s not very likely. I continue to believe that Samsung and probably their Touchwiz is likely responsible for the majority of the delay.

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  29. stoic one

    That’s interesting because the “leaked” Froyo for the Epic 4g *IS* release 2.2.1 and it was available December 5th.

  30. T

    DP got all the answers everyone, samsung and every single carrier should hire him to give then all the answers as well.

  31. rob

    Why would Google have to batch a rooting application when the code is all open source. These phones were meant to be modified.

  32. Zero11534

    First of the explanation was a good one but not quite accurate, as it’s not just the exploit that caused the issue of the 2.2.1 hold up, it’s samsung’s touchwiz 3.0. That’s why other phones have gotten priority as they are easier to fix then the Galaxy S series/ Epic 4g. Samsung has NEVER been reliable with their updates or developments for their devices, as in point of the INSTINCT, which was suppose to have a lot of support and apps built for it yet they dropped support for it 1 year later. The only company that has batched up so badly is Palm with their latest Palm Pre (a joke phone) the OS is wonderful and operates as it should however updates and slow and there are very very few good apps available for the device. To people who say just get an EVO as the solution, I say no as this device was promised to be a flagship and one remarkable device, so Samsung get off your ass and fix the issue if you ever hope to compete with the iPhone on a real 1to 1 level.

    Sprint’s 4g is not bad and I don’t hold my carrier responsible for the manufactures roll out of updates, as they are afraid to comment just in case the update does not come out when promised leaving them with egg on their face. Sprint needs to keep up all the good Press it can get as the WiMax route is going to be short lived with the LTE roll out on other carries.