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107 responses to “Where in the World is WMWifiRouter? (Updated)”

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  4. Elijah

    Dont care if anybody reads this, but WMWifi router is the absolute worst program in this category. Hands down. Jorrit Jongma, aka Chainfire, AKA FORCE YOU TO HARD RESET TO DELETE HIS SHIT, needs to find a building to jump off of. Thanks for nothing. Terrible program, terrible support. I’d rather pay for a reliable program than suffer through this. Jorrit Jongma garbage will never have my support again.

  5. Thomas

    To anybody still reading this,

    just downloaded the programme for my htc snap running windows mobile 6.5, and it installation was unsuccessful. Is it due to the programme being developed for windows mobile 6 only??

  6. ProfFeldmann

    In my humble opinion, “free software” does NOT mean “free commecial distribution”. But, the one who develops software under, for example, GPL licence terms, or any other free software license equivalents, has to know that distribution with source citation IS allowed – and sometimes encouraged. It is NOT logical to freely distribute open software first and then, because of any commercial reason, fall back and try to prohibit distribution of that free versions in hands of the public, using the excuse that there is a newer and commercial version at the marketplace – paid, of course. Again in my humble opinion, if someone is commercializing some NEW version, it means that OLDER versions were considered obsolete, moreover if they were distributed for free and with no warranties.

    Those who think differently, please forgive me. But I have the right of my own opinion. And I will change my opinion if, and only if, I am personally convinced that I was wrong.

    Congratulations to Mr. Christopher Price for his clear and well-established point-of-view.

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