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8 responses to “Why Google Play Should Pull CyanogenMod Installer (Updated)”

  1. The Toddfather

    I’m somewhat new to the world of Android having picked up an HTC One (on contract with Rogers in Canada) back in May. I couldn’t stand “Sense” so I’m running Nova Launcher Prime now but I’m annoyed with all the crap I can’t remove that came with the phone.

    My question: would installing CM be a good or bad thing? I’ve been curious about it but a little worried.

  2. Swantee

    “Cell Phones: How do I restore my original Samsung ROM (remove custom OS ROM) using Kies?”

  3. jgarza

    the cyanogenmod installer doesn’t violate terms of service.
    the app that you get from the google play store is really just a guide for the real thing that modifies the phone, the windows program. with out the other half the cyanogenmod installer is just a set of instructions (with a few networking tools that allow the windows program to keep track when things are done installing). cyanogenmod got through a loophole.

  4. Jimmy

    “cyanogenmod got through a loophole.”

    You end your comment with an unsubstantiated claim. This article pretty well outlines how the app is part of the warranty-voiding process. Just because it doesn’t actually do the deed, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t set the phone up for it.

    I do agree that it is an odd scenario – you have the Android app walking someone through something done tethered via USB. I think CyanogenMod should at least warn people when the app loads about its hazards.

    Google seems to be their usual silent smug on this one, which is even more disturbing.

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    Christopher price is an Android developers antichrist. He’s always trying to hate on something. Cyanogenmod installer does not violate the Google tos in any way. The app does not mod your device, it simply makes flashing a development rom easier. The app itself does not do the work, you have to have a computer and the counterpart of the app. You have to initiate the flash of a rom. It’s not just “download the app and click”. Get a life Christopher Price.

  7. An0nYm0u5

    And trust me… Im fully aware of what you do with android. As are all developers. We watch yall too… đŸ˜‰