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6 responses to “Windows Phone 7 Launch Date Confirmed?”

  1. AndroidFan

    Who cares?! Too little to late. Its all a matter of catch up at this phase and this is one that MS is not going to win, nor can they just buy their competition.

  2. cj

    agreed. ms has a pattern of abandoning their mobile platform. ive been using windows mobile for 4 years (not by choice thanks to sero) and it is amazing to see how unsupported it is by ms. its been abandoned for a while. also bing is no longer supported on older devices that are capable of running it. whos to say ms wont pull the plug on wp7 if it doesnt do as well as they expected. simply put, i dont trust ms.

  3. Luis Acevedo

    Basically in most cases regarding windows users the common denominator is they do not fully understand a Windows mobile phone. All handsets on the market basically begun to do what a windows phone has ever done (e.g. copy, paste, move, attachment support, document support etc, etc) with Office and not to mention that none fully compare to Office.
    No doubt windows falls to other OS and that is because all those users are looking for a phone not a phone with computer like features.
    I have a Pro 2 and work selling phones and rest assured: for whatever task need to be done working with a file for the phone/PC if you do not have a windows pro phone you will have to run to a computer to work with while I will complete the task on my phone even if what I need to do does not relates to the phone itself but instead for the computer counter part. Fact. Sky fire work best on windows than for Android and that is just the best browser around for any phone.

  4. AndroidFan

    Totally disagree. Windows 5, 6 and 6.5 are all terrible. No major leaps from one to the next. Much like a PC you have to drill down several levels (if you know how) to change settings, open a file or do any other simple task. Like others, I used Windows based phones for work. That was until I swapped out my last HTC device for an Android based phone. It felt like going from a Windows 3.1 to dare I say an Apple or at least the current decade. I run my office email on the device (Lotus Notes), can open any MS attachment and simple attach and send a file or photo with one step vs. 3 or 4 steps. PLUS I am no longer held hostage to the repeated need to reboot the phone for every stink’n problem or freeze up. Liberated from Windows finally!

  5. cj

    forgot to mention kin support after less than 2 months. ms has shown time and time again that they are not afraid to pull the plug when their products fail to live up to expectations. this should be no different. liberated from windows finally on oct 1

  6. sg

    I’m excited for the windows mobile launch. I had the chance to play with an winmo7 device at a MS event a few weeks ago and I think it’s a compelling device. I thought the device was really cool to use. My wife has an iphone and I have a windows 6.5 device because of company policy. I’m jealous nearly every day of a real smartphone.

    I’m glad MS started over. There was no way they were going to simply upgrade windows mobile 6.5 into something that could possibly compete. I dont care if they dumped support on all the old phones. Im glad they made a clean cut.

    Will MS phone survive? I think it will through balmer will-power alone. There is too much at stake for MS not to have a play in mobile to compliment its all up platform story. they need a mobile platform for their connected vision ( cloud computing, xbox gaming, home PC, MediaRoom, MediaCenter) Its not like they could use android to make that happen. It may take 3 years but they will be a major player. Mobile phones are like game consoles. You are only on top as long as you have your eye on the ball. Take it off and you are out.. My 2 cents.