Windows Phone 7 Slides Detail Device Updates, Hardware and Live ID Requirements

A series of slides has surfaced detailing the update process for future devices running Windows Phone 7 and additional information on device specifications along with account control and manufacturer control.

Hardware Requirements WP7

In one slide, the device specifications have been initially fixed by Microsoft to require cameras, FM radio tuners, compasses,proximity sensors, among other features in capacitive touchscreen displays, with future specifications being left open and showcasing Microsoft’s consumer-oriented focus with Windows Phone 7.

A Windows Live ID will be required for device setup, account configuration and purchases, much in the same way as Google encourages the use of a Gmail account on Google Experience devices such as the Nexus One.

WP7 Update

Yet another slide details the two main update paths for device updates to be delivered, with over the air updates being delivered for small incremental updates and larger updates being delivered via USB in the same way that the Zune device lineup is currently updated.

Manufacturers can change the default search engine in Internet Explorer, but all other searches will still use Bing. No more than six or 60MB of custom apps can be pre-loaded, with custom home screen tiles being allowed. In a bid to eliminate custom user interface overlays, none of the standard Microsoft tiles can be changed or removed from their default locations.

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