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16 responses to “Zer01 Mobile: Don’t Call them an MVNO, you’ll be emailed to death if you do”

  1. rick

    I was at CTIA and every time I walked by the booth, including the time I walked by after they received the award on the table, there was at least 3 people there. Which was the laptop magazine overall best of show for 2009. I also saw that LG was nominated in best overall product by laptop magazine. If this product is so bad. Then why and how did they beat out companies like LG for this award? Also, I had a long discussion with the C.O.O about becoming a distributor. I am an MVNO at the present time. I can tell you they ARE NOT an MVNO. They have their own fiber backbone. They are not buying minutes or data wholesale from any carrier. Unlike what I am doing at the present time. So, the only time they use the GSM network is to start the call at the tower level. Once it hits there it is routed immediately the their VPN. How can accessing the tower only, cause the GSM carriers backbone to be over burdened. I for one will become a distributor if Zer01 finds that there is a fit between us.

  2. ali

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Zero1 is an MVNO by definition. They do not own any towers, nor any spectrum. They have to use ATT or T-mob for the airwaves. Even worse, to place calls, they will need to rely on the original carrier on 2 levesl– : a) to initiate a call on the carriers spectrum using gsm b) use the carriers data spectrum for the rest of the call. I wouldn’t believe what they told you about having their own fiber optic network — they probably have a few servers here and there with some ethernet wires sticking connecting them.

  3. michael

    They are an MVNO. As ali stated they don’t own a wireless network. Per Wikipedia:
    “A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a company that provides mobile phone service but does not have its own licensed frequency allocation of radio spectrum, nor does it necessarily have all of the infrastructure required to provide mobile telephone service.” Yes, the may have their own fiber for backhaul but they still depend on a wireless network to provide service.

  4. Joe K

    And gee, doesn’t rick sound like he works for zero1? I mean, why would someone who works for (another) MVNO give such praise… to an MVNO that hasn’t even launched yet?

    Doesn’t make sense… unless the MVNO he works for is zero1. 🙂

  5. Marin

    You know, if their technology and service works as advertised, it doesn’t matter what you call them. I’m very skeptical though, as it’s tough to get a good QoS over a 3G network, and I can’t imagine how the EDGE ones will sound. Still, I’m anxiously awaiting my test unit.

  6. Rick V

    I do not work for zer01. Also, they are not placing the calls over the carriers network. They do not buy minutes wholesale or data from any carrier. They are not making calls over the carriers data network. they have their own. If Zer01 is an MVNO of a carrier then why are all of the carriers not commenting on it or denying a relationship with Zer01. They have never done that with any other MVNO, have they? Everyone knows who Boost and Virgin are MVNO’s of. It sounds like a few of you work for a carrier and have ulterior motives as to why you are so negative. Mr. Piilani made a call over GPRS for about 2 minutes in the group I was standing in. Do not compare this to crappy skype or Fring. It sounded good. Oh by the way, I am a boost mobile retailer.

  7. Rick V

    What the are you talking about? Ship my product? So, you want me to start shipping boost mobile products? Gladly, what is your address? You people are idiots!!!!! Good luck zer01 and do not worry about the uneducated idiots on blogs.

  8. wirelessindustry

    Movida Cellular is going out of business, again. These MVNO’s claim they are big, and have the newest thing, its all a bunch of lies.

    It doesn’t matter what Zero1 is called, they will fail just like the rest. The reason, Carriers will undercut them everytime, same old.

  9. M

    All this sounds like to me is that you are mad because you didn’t get an interview with ZER01. I am sure if you tried to get in contact with their PR people they would set up an interview with you and get an accurate story. To me this article just sounds angry and a little bit bitter. Let’s not make any claims as to what they are unless we for a fact get information from them personally.That’s all I am saying.

  10. joshua

    One: why claim zer01 will fail when boost and virgin have’nt? zer01 is offering the best deal out there.
    Two: just because people can wiki a definition does’nt mean its the definition of what zer01 is, i can wiki what an apple is, but i can’t put that definition down for an orange.
    Three: why not just contact the c.e.o? sure if he was really worried about measly terminology he would be blogging. it doesnt matter if it was an MVNO, its a deal no one can compete with… and the other companies would lose out to no end if they try to switch and compete with what they are doing because that not what thier main way to get money is. contracts and devices is where its at for them. and from what i read in the personal articles from interviews with the actual c.e.o i cannot put MVNO as a definition behind zer0, not yet anyways unless details are later given. But as for now what i have seen and heard, it holds good to its word.

  11. Alan

    The really interesting questions are:

    (1) What will the Zer01 quality be like on regular cellular data such as 3G, HSPA and EDGE? How reliable, how consistent?

    (2) Have Zer01 really made a technical breakthrough on the quality side? What?

    (3) Why hasn’t this been done before? Data roaming for an operators’ users/customers isn’t exactly new!

    [Zer01 position themselves as an data network operator whose customers simply roam on to another data network operator’s network! In that sense the data the customer is using is “provided” by Zer01, not the spectrum owner.]

    (4) Has there been some kind of commercial breakthrough, innovation, regarding Roaming Agreements? As noted above, no one is saying very much on this and the attitude of AT&T is not known.

    (5) Can Zer01 work outside the United States?

    If it all works it will be a very exciting develoment

  12. John Assmaker

    Give a big hand to all the jerks that are still thinking in the box. I can’t wait for this company to make all of you feel so stupid for waisting your time. Since you guys enjoy kiss face with your cell phone companys..I want you to do me a favor. Call them up first thing in a money and ask them for a check for being such a dedicated ass kisser.

  13. Alexsei B

    lol @ John Assmaker
    I think that was a freudian slip there too
    “Call them up first thing in a money and ask them…”

    I have nothing of merit to say, aside from pointing that out for my own amusement.

    Looking forward to see Zer01 come out in full steam

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